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Chomsky goes porno

Chomsky goes porno

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There's only one correct answer to each question...



Now, that was unexpected. Icky, and yet...

  • This made me lol. =~D
  • wow...i failed way too many questions there...

    what are you reading? chomsky? do porn stars read chomsky?
  • Ha. Was 'Bambi' supposed to be an obviously correct answer?
    • I only got that one by the process of elimination!

      I much prefer Bambi's 'sequel': Bambi Meets Godzilla...
      • Good. So I'm not alone!

        The sequel, though a bit on the short side, was exceptionally entertaining. Hadn't seen that before.
        • I saw it some years ago in my first year of university - shown at a film festival {it works especially well on the big screen. :~)} Sooo Canadian, eh?

          As for this... quiz. Pretty weird. Is this the only way a fan (some fans) of Chomsky can get by in the New Russia? (Obviously, there was no question at all of Chomsky before 1990!)
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